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District Vision and Mission

Vision:  Shaping learners and building relationships to compete, contribute, and succeed as globally productive citizens.

Mission: To provide each learner the skills, knowledge, and values necessary to compete, contribute, and succeed through the cooperative efforts of school, family and community in a safe and nurturing environment.
Headlines and Features
Board Meeting Announcements
Posted on 04/13/2015
The Northampton County Board of Education announces monthly meeting dates.  READ MORE...
Reduction in Force
Posted on 04/13/2015
Northampton County Board of Education approves Reduction in Force notice.  READ MORE...
Pre-Kindergarten Registration
Posted on 02/23/2015
PreK Registration for 2015-16 has been scheduled. 
Requests for Proposals for Northampton County Schools
Posted on 02/10/2015
Northampton County Schools is requesting proposals for the installation of panic alarms systems  READ MORE...
Northampton County Schools on GovDeals.com
Posted on 10/03/2014
Go to GovDeals.com to find surplus equipment. 
PowerSource Online Training Available
Posted on 08/23/2013
PowerSource is a source for PowerSchool, PowerTeacher and Schoolnet training. The training is free and available to all district users.  READ MORE...