Media Services

Media Services, a division of the Department of Technology Services, provides support to the system’s school library media programs. The department’s staff of three - media/technology director, system network administrator, and technician - assists the school library staff (a certified librarian, in most schools) at the schools and special programs in providing services and materials to the district's students and teachers. The media services division provides a number of specific services - online access to an extensive collection of technical tutorials, online databases, encyclopedias, staff development modules and other professional documents.   The online databses in Media Services provide access to browse the catalogues of all media centers and provide the opportunity for interlibrary loans to Northampton County students and staff along with a wealth of teacher tools and resources for staff and students.
The department’s administrator communicates with media coordinators through school visits, e-mail, listservs and forums, online memos, and monthly organizational meetings. In addition to the services provided by Media Services, the department supports the media coordinator staff by offering the following:
  • professional learning courses on a wide range of professional topics
  • training for media coordinators for implementation of new programs
  • establishing an on-going collection development plan
  • training for principals in the annual media coordinator evaluation
  • presentations by prominent authors and experts on current library trends and issues
  • guidance on compliance with state and regional standards
  • assessment of ongoing media programs and services
  • guidance on implementation of the school system's Copyright Policy, Internet Acceptable Use Policy, Instructional Materials Selection Policy, and Annual Media and Technology Report
  • updates on current trends in the profession
  • information updates from the school system and from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction
  • support for locating fund sources for acquisition of new materials
  • purchase of media coordinator and classroom audio visual and technical equipment for new schools
  • support for media coordinators through targeted professional development classes, on-site visitations, mentoring, and implementation/evaluation of required program activities and initiatives
  • supporting collaborative programs for K-12 students among schools, region and state


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