PowerSchool is part of the Technology Division at Central Services. Northampton County Schools used SIMS - Student Information Management System - prior to the 2nd semester of 2008-09 but converted to NCWISE in December 2008. In July 2013 PowerSchool became the official source of student information for the district though SIMS and NCWISE may still be used for historical data.

PowerSchool information may be found on the official state website at http://www.nc-sis.org.

District Contacts:

Wanda Briggs-Trevino, PowerSchool Coordinator, Lead Data Auditor, Lead Security Auditor and Lead Trainer
(252) 534-1371, ext. 2246
(252) 534-0102 fax

School Contacts:

Elementary Schools (Central, Gaston, and Willis Hare)
Jackie Webb, Data Mananger
(252) 534-1371
Ext. 2262

Secondary Schools (Conway Middle, Gaston Middle, Northampton High and Northampton Early College)
Margaret Powell, Data Manager
(252) 534-1371
Ext. 2234