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AIG Brochure

Governor's School Opportunity

IMAGINE ... A Summer Program
... where students who are among the best and brightest
gather for the love of learning and the joy of creativity
... where teachers and students form a community while
searching together for answers to challenging questions
... where there are no grades or tests
... where a synergy of intellectual curiosity fuels the
exploration of the latest ideas in various disciplines.


North Carolina School of Math and Science 

The combined vision of former Governor James B. Hunt Jr.,
former Governor and Duke University President Terry
Sanford, and John Ehle, a well-known area academician
and author, The North Carolina School of Science
and Mathematics opened in 1980 as the first school of
its kind in the nation-a public, residential high school where
students study a specialized curriculum built around
science and mathematics. 



Grades 4-7 Duke Talent Identification Program 

What is TIP?

Since 1980, the Duke Talent Identification Program
(Duke TIP) has been a world leader in identifying
academically talented students and providing innovative
programs to support the development of their optimal

Publication for Parents and Teachers

Gifted Children Quarterly

Gifted Child Quarterly is the journal of the 
National Association for Gifted Children. It offers
published manuscripts offering new information and
creative insights about giftedness and talent
development in the context of the school, home, and



Pertinent Websites for Parents of AIG Students 

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Gifted Children: Identification, Encouragement and Development

Hoagie's Gifted Education Page

Resources for Parents of AIG Students

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