Work Orders

Work Orders

Check out the Help Desk for 24-hour technical assistance.  Click on one of the links if you have a technical concern that you would like addressed

Reporting a Technology Issue

The technology work order system is accessible from any web browser by going to the Northampton County Schools website and clicking on Work Orders. Then click on Technology Work Orders.  Your login and password are the same as your network login and password.  Once in the system, you just select your location, your problem, and enter any information you have gathered about the issue you are experiencing.  The work order is submitted and a technician is assigned.  A technician should contact you within 24 hours of your posting.  Due to the volume of work orders, a system of priority is followed: mission critical issues (network, Internet, AS400/Finance, testing, Powerschool, media, phone, alarm systems) are addressed first, then hardware technical issues (desktop hardware and software), then end-user issues (forgotten passwords, relocating computers, outsourcing hardware, loading software), then other issues (workshops setups, inventory, quotes, audiovisuals).  School administrators and media coordinators should call the district office immediately in the event a network or Internet problem occurs. Other end users should not call the district office unless it is a login or password issue.

Technology Department Work Order Management System

Maintenance Department Work OrderManagement System