Superintendent's Office

Dr. Monica Smith-Woofter

Dr. Monica Smith-Woofter
(252) 534-1371, ext. 2249

Patricia W. Harris

Patricia Harris
Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent
(252) 534-1371, ext. 2232

District Mission

To provide each student the skills,
knowledge, and values necessary
to compete, contribute, and succeed
through the cooperative efforts
of school, family and community
in a safe and nurturing environment.

We Invite you to visit our schools
 and classrooms.
Review and use our roadmap as a guide -

Northampton County Schools Strategic Plan


Superintendent's Message

As a graduate of Northampton County Schools, it is a privilege to serve in my community as the Superintendent. It is both rewarding and humbling knowing that I have the awesome task of leading and working collaboratively with you to provide rewarding educational experiences for all.

Graduating students ready for college or careers begins in Pre-Kindergarten and continues throughout their secondary education. We strive to make this adventure a memorable one as students embark on their foundational educational experiences within our school community.

The importance of
1. communicating effectively and transparently,
2. engaging stakeholders,
3. building relationships,
4. and implementing, accountability systems
5. to positively impact student achievement
are priorities that focus and guide our continuous improvement efforts across the district.

We welcome your support, engagement, and assistance to help Northampton County Schools serve our present and future communities.

About Our Superintendent