Superintendent's ABCs - 2.15.16

ABCs from the Superintendent:

A. During the March 2016 Primary, we encourage Northampton County voters to make an informed decision regarding the new centrally located schools.  The students of Northampton County are our future.  Invest in their educational opportunities!    

B. Reading is fundamental.  We encourage students to read daily.  An avid reader can build his/her vocabulary and improve comprehension, writing, thinking and speaking abilities. 

 Read Across America Children with larger vocabularies acquire new words at a faster rate than other children (Hart and Risley, 1995)   

Read Across America - March 2, 2016

C. Northampton County is providing high school students with school choice by offering a variety of college and career promise pathways and industry credentials.  Students can choose to concentrate in career choices offered within the:  

Traditional High School Curriculum
1.  Service Academy
2.  National Academy Foundation 

Early College High School Curriculum
3.  Associate In Arts (AA) college transfer degree,
4.  Associate in Science (AS) college transfer degree
5.  Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree

Reference the Schematic Structures of NCS High Schools to review details the schools of choice offered.   

                                                                                       2.15.16 – MBSW