Early College Application for 2017-18

NCS Early College is accepting applications for 2017-18
Posted on 01/31/2017
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Northampton County Early College

" Grit, Passion, and Perseverance "

Northampton County Early College is an innovative, collaborative program between Halifax Community College and Northampton County Schools. Our students are transported to Halifax Community College Campus for their college classes.  The program enables students to earn a high school diploma and an Associate's Degree during their high school career.  Students also have access to any certificate program available at HCC, including Welding, Automotive System Technology, Industrial Systems, and Graphic Design to name a few.  Applications for enrollment are accepted from Monday, February 3, 2017 through Friday, March 20, 2017.

Applications are located on the campuses of Conway Middle School, Gaston Middle School, and Squire Academic Center. Applications are also available at the Central Office in Jackson, NC.  Additionally, applications can be downloaded by clicking on the link at the top left labeled "Early College Application for 2017-18".

The following people can provide you with applications:
Mark Long/Tameka Robinson (CMS), Monte Freeman/Margaret Nicholson (GMS), Monica Edomonds (NCEC), and Dr. Felisha Whitaker (Central Office).