• Department Mission 

    “To support and facilitate the provision of high-quality instruction for every child, every day.

    We Accomplish This Mission By: 

    • Identifying, Sharing, & Modeling Best Practices
    • Providing Personalized Learning Development to Math Teachers
    • Providing Resources that clarify the North Carolina Standard Course of Study for Mathematics
    • Providing Tools that Schools Need for Student Achievement

  • Middle School Course Offerings 

    At both of our middle school, our students have access to 6th-grade math, 7th-grade math, 7th grade advanced math, 8th-grade math, and Math I. 


    High School  & Early College Course Offerings

    At Northampton East, students are offered Math I, Foundations of Math II, Math II, Math III, and Math IV.  Our students at Northampton Early College are offered Foundations of Math I, Math I Honors, Math II, Math II Honors, Math III, and Math IV, and Math IV.