Department Mission 

    • Identifying, Sharing, & Modeling Best Practices
    • Providing Personalized Learning Development to Science Teachers
    • Providing Resources that clarify the North Carolina Standard Course of Study for Science
    • Providing Tools that Schools Need for Student Achievement
    • Providing Hands On and Critical Thinkings opportunities for our Scholars


    Middle School Course Offerings 

    The scholars at both of our middle schools have access to sixth grade, seventh grade and eighth grade science courses. 


    High School  & Early College Course Offerings

    At Northampton East, students are offered Biology, Chemistry, Physical Science and Earth & Environmental Science.



    We currently have STEM academies in the fifth and eighth grades.


    What is STEM?

    It stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

    This is necessary in order to provide our scholars with a rigorous well-rounded education. These are the enhanced skills many employers say that today’s young scholars need to be prepared for the jobs of the future and the competitive 21st century economy.