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    Wide Open School :  Free Distance Learning Activities for grades 6-8. Wide Open School (English); Wide Open School (Spanish) 

    Guides on Google Classroom and Chromebooks: Guides to Chromebook & Google Classroom

    Protecting Student Privacy and Safety Online: Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI): FOSI ; Protecting Kids Online: FTC Consumer

    Resources for Parents Who Want to Improve their Own Digital Skills: Technology tutorials from GCF Learn Free: GFC Global

    Check Student Progress on Subject & Grade Level Readiness: Be a Learning Hero



    Family Education - Advice from Parents.  Exchange ideas, share solutions and get advice from parents like you.

    Test Taking Tips - If your child takes a multiple-choice exam their strategy will be different than if they were to take an essay test. Learning proper note-taking, studying and test-taking strategies are a vital part of improving their grades and academic success.