About Northampton County Early College

  • Mascot: Jaguar 


    Our Motto:

    We are changing the lives of students with grit, passion, and perseverance. 



    School Colors: Teal and White 


    About Our School:

    Northampton County Early College is an innovative, collaborative program between Halifax Community College and Northampton County Schools. Our school is located on the campus of Halifax Community College in Weldon, NC. The program enables students to earn a high school diploma, transfer credits, industry certifications, and an Associate's Degree during their high school career.  Our school is considering a 5-year program, giving students and parents the opportunity to stay an additional year free to complete their Associate's Degree.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What is an Early College?
    A: Students are enrolled in both high school and community college classes. The goal is for students to receive an associate’s degree from Halifax Community College, on a 5-year plan while working on their high school diploma.

    Q: How are students selected for the Early College?
    A: There is an application and interview process. The application is usually posted in February of each school year.

    Q: What will the Early College curriculum be like?
    A: Students will take high school classes with Early College staff. College classes will be taken with Halifax Community College Professors. It typically takes six years to get a high school diploma and an associate’s degree; the early college plan allows students to get both in 5-years. Students also must complete 20 service learning hours each school year. Students will have access to the School Guidance Counselor for high school needs and the College Liaison for college needs.

    Q: Will my transcript be accepted at other colleges and universities?
    A: The student’s high school transcript will look just like any other current high school transcript, in North Carolina public schools. However, students will also have a college transcript from Halifax Community College.