Barbara A. Stephenson - Board Chair

Barbara A. Stephenson

Tony A. Burnette

Tony Burnette

Clinton Williams

Clinton Williams

Rod Malone, Board Attorney Tharrington Smith, LLP

Rod Malone

Theresa Cade - Board Vice Chair

Theresa C. Scott

Dr. Marjorie Edwards

Dr. Marjorie Edwards

Rhonda Taylor

Rhonda Taylor, Board  Chairperson

Patricia Harris, Clerk

Patricia Harris, Clerk
  • Board of Education

    Board Mission:

         ..."To provide effective and continuous management that will produce excellence in education by developing policies and supporting the Superintendent in implementing, monitoring, and reviewing the district's progress toward excellence in education"

    The Northampton County Board of Education is made up of seven (7) members. Board members are elected biennially in a non-partisan at-large election by the voters of Northampton County at the time of the primary election held pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 163 of the General Statutes and any applicable local acts. The members are elected to four-year terms. The terms of office of the Board members shall be staggered such that approximately one-half of the terms shall expire every two years.

    A member of the Board shall endeavor to attend all meetings, discuss items presented on the agenda, and vote upon motions and resolutions presented. A Board member should be nonpartisan in dealing with school matters and should not subordinate the education of children and youth to any partisan, group, interest, or personal ambition.

    Because all powers of the Board of Education lie in its action as a group, individual Board members exercise their authority over district affairs only as they vote to take action at a legal meeting of the Board. In other instances, an individual Board member, including the Chairperson, shall have power only when the Board, by vote, has delegated authority to the individual Board member.

    Official decisions of the Board can be made only at duly constituted Board meetings. An individual Board member or groups of Board members do not have independent authority to speak for the Board and are not authorized to make commitments on behalf of the Board outside of Board meetings unless directed to do so by the Board.

    Addressing the Board

    Time for public comment has been established by the Board during the period noted on the Board Agenda.  In order to address the Board, you must register prior to 6:30p.m. Comment involving concerns with school system personnel not involving the Superintendent should be presented to the Superintendent.  The Superintendent will schedule a time for comment on personnel matters at the first available closed session after the Superintendent has time to review the concerns.  Comments involving concerns with the Superintendent should be scheduled through the Board Chairperson.  The Board is not required to respond to any public comment received at a meeting. Thank you. (Northampton County Board of Education Policy No 1310)

    Discussion will be limited to three (3) minutes per presenter and fifteen (15) minutes on any given topic. The discussion period shall not exceed thirty (30) minutes at any regular Board meeting, except by permission of the Board.  Items for discussion must be appropriate for open session.  The Chairperson reserves the right to limit discussion on any topic to designated spokeperson(s).

    As the Northampton County Board of Education enters into the regular business meeting, the public should respect the Board as it conducts its business in an orderly manner.

    Members of the public must have prior approval from the Board to address items on the agenda once the Board has gone into regular business session.