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  • Upcoming Assessments 

    Elementary Upcoming Assessments

    October 13, 2022: Read to Achieve will be given to 4th graders who have been identified. 

    October 14, 2022: Read to Achieve Makeups 

    November 8-15, 2022: CASE21 EOG Pretest (4th-8th Reading, 3rd-8th Math, middle school Math I, and NC EXTEND I ) 


    High School /Early College Upcoming Assessments

    October 18, 2022: PreAct for 10th graders

    October 18, 2022: CCRAA (College and Career Readiness Alternative Assessment at Grade 10

    October 21, 2022: PreAct Makeups 

    October 21, 2022: CCRAA makeups 

    November 8-15, 2022: CASE21 EOCs (English II, Math I, Math III, and Biology) NCEXTEND 1 Benchmark for Grade 10, and CTE Comprehensive Benchmarks