Changing the Lives of Children

Testing Tips

  • Tips for Students

    1. Arrive to school on time.
    2. Please get plenty of rest! 
    3. Don't stay up late.  Record your favorite show, if it comes on late, and watch it when you get home from school the next day.
    4. Bring two sharpened No. 2 pencils. 
    5. Study your notes, review any study guides provided by your teacher and visit suggested websites listed in your curriculum guide. 
    6. Do not rush through your test; no one will be permitted to leave the room early. 
    7. Answer all questions. 
    8. Check after every 10 questions to make sure that you are on the correct number in the test booklet and on the answer sheet. 
    9. Use the restroom before the test starts.  Do not drink a lot of water after you have your restroom break!
    10. Dress comfortably.
    11. Wear lose fitting clothing and comfortable shoes.
    12. Bring a light jacket in case you get cold.
    13. Do not wear something that will cause you to get hot easily.
    14. Do not eat something unusual the day before or the morning of testing.
    15. Eat a good breakfast.  Fresh fruits are a better source of energy than a sugary bowl of cereal.
    16. Finally, believe in yourself.  Most answer choices that are changed were correct the first time. 
    17. You have studied hard and prepared well.... it will pay off!