• Steps to claim account: 

    • Check your email to get your UID (10 digit code) and the date of birth entered into Powerschool for you. You have to have the UID and your date of birth to complete the process.
    • Go to https://my.ncedcloud.org/arms/claim/step1
    • Choose LEA Employee Claim Policy (should already be selected)
    • Enter the following information:
      • Enter DOB (only numbers not slashes or dashed) e.g.19680102
      • Enter LEA Code: 660
      • Enter your Staff UID Number (the number you got from your email)

    • Create Password (Follow the rules they list; it will not work if you don't)
    • Complete Challenge-Response Questions ( you only need to do 5 of these)
    • Once completed, close that tab and return to the login page: my.ncedcloud.org and login with your UID and new password.

    Link to video explaining the process

    If you need assistance, please contact Mr. Corey Tyler via email at tylerc@northampton.k12.nc.us