Northampton Career and Technical Academy of Innovation


    Applications and signed RCCC documents are due January 5th to attend Northampton Career and Academy of Innovation. 





    Please see Ms. Winstead (winsteadm@northampton.k12.nc.us) or Dr. Draper (drapera@northampton.k12.nc.us) for additional information or an application packet.



    Northampton County Schools’ CTE department does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its programs and activities and provides equal access to Career and Technical Education.


    CTE Pathways: 

    Career and Technical Education (CTE)  provides learning opportunities for students in grades 6 -12th and Northampton County Early College.  The CTE pathway is designed to connect high school courses to college, industry credentials and certifications, and/or careers. 


    At Conway Middle students are offered: 

    6th grade:  Keyboarding/ Word Processing 

    7th grade:  Digital Literacy 

    8th grade: Office Productivity Applications 


    Gaston Middle students are offered: 

    6th grade: Exploring Personal Characteristics & Careers

    7th & 8th: Exploring Careers and Employment 


    At Northampton County High School students can participate in the following career pathways: 

    Public Safety Career Pathway and Fire Safety 

    Culinary Arts Internship Career Pathway 

    Early Childhood Development and Services Career Pathway 

    Digital Design and Animation Pathway. 


    Students who chose to take part in the Northampton Career and Technical Academy of Innovation in partnership with Roanoke Chowan Community College can participate in the following College and Career Promise Courses. Students are offered the opportunity to earn industry-recognized credentials/certifications while in high school. 

    1. Emergency Medical Technology 

    2. Nurse Aide I

    3. Cosmetology 

    4. HVAC Certifications 

    5. Electrical Systems Certifications 




Contact Us

  • Amy Lamm Draper, ED. D 

    Director of Career and Technical Education


    (252) 534-1371 ext 2239

    Cell: 252-642-4065 


    Darlene Riddick

    Office Manager/Administrative Assistant


    (252) 534-1371

    Brenda Moore

    Career Development & Special Populations Coordinator