Migrant Program

  • Goal

    To help migrant children and out-of-school youth overcome difficulties that occur due to frequent moves, so that they can be successful in school and graduate from high school.
    Eligibility Requirements

    Children and young people ages three to twenty-two years old who fulfill the following criteria:

    • Have not yet received a high school diploma or its equivalent;
    • Have moved into a school district within the last 36 months;
    • Whose parents, guardians, spouses, or selves have moved to obtain or seek seasonal or temporary work in agricultural production or fisheries;
    • This work in agriculture or fisheries provides a principal means of livelihood for the worker and family.


    In schools, the program offers:

    • Tutorial assistance to students;
    • Preschool for children ages 3-5 years old;
    • Educational field trips;
    • Parent meetings and involvement;
    • Translation for parents at meetings and school communication.

    Support Services

    • Information about community agencies, clothing and health services;
    • Referrals to GED and English classes;
    • Transportation to appointments/meetings on an emergency basis.


Contact Us

  • Mark A. Barfield- Student Services Director  
    252-534-1371 ext.2245

    Luisa Palacio, Coordinator Migrant & ESL